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    synthetic fiber

    Leading the future of fiber
    A pioneering spirit that is paving the way
    Company Profile
    Taekwang Chemical Fiber (Changshu) Co., Ltd. has been playing a central role in the
    Korean chemical fiber industry for the past 70 years.
    Taekwang spandex, which leads the world fiber industry, has once again blazed a
    successful entrepreneurial myth in Changshu, China.
    Taekwang Chemical Fiber (Changshu) Co., Ltd., in accordance with the globalization
    strategy of Taekwang Industry in 2003, has built Changshu into a new center of the
    global fiber industry through epoch-making cutting-edge technology, excellent finished
    product competitiveness and a perfect production system.

    With the comprehensive fiber brand "ELAFIT" as its core, Taekwang has developed
    and produced various functional spandex fibers suitable for warp knitting, weft
    knitting, covering and core covering and other processing industries. Taekwang's annual production
    capacity is 30000 tons, and its products sell well at home and abroad.

    Taekwang Chemical Fiber (Changshu) Co., Ltd. recreates the success story of the
    Korean elite enterprise Taekwang Group in the fiber and oil industries, and
    creates a new milestone in China's fiber industry.
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    About TAEKWANG Synthetic fiber
    • Name of Company
      Taekwang Synthetic fiber
    • Date of Establishment
    • Chair man
      Jae soo, Gal
    • Number of Employees
      650 employees
    • Investment amount
      2.6548 trillion (USD)
    • Capital amount
      1.1768 trillion (USD)